Friday, 25 January 2019



Calories Rowed

GHD Sit-ups

Power Cleans (135/93)

Handstand Push-ups

Zercher Sandbag Squats (70/40)


5 rounds for score

Instructions: Perform as many reps as possible in one minute at each station, then rotate to next station. No rest between stations. One round is 5 stations in 5 minutes. Rest one minute between rounds, repeat for four more rounds (29 minutes total). Total all reps and calories for score.



Reclined Spinal Twist


Saddle Sit



Post score and experiences to comments


  1. 332. 2 ab mat HSPU

  2. White Ape says

    I am toast!
    Rd 1: 81
    Rd 2: 81
    Rd 3: 75
    Rd 4: 75
    Rd 5: 78
    Total: 390 Rx

  3. 61-59-60-56-63
    Total: 299
    Mod: 2abmat hspu
    78# cleans

  4. 75/79/78/75/74= 381 Rx.
    Closest I’ve been to puking in a long time. And worst inversion headache I’ve ever had. That was rough.

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