Friday, 21 May 2021



Option 1:


5000m Row

For Time

Compare to Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Option 2:

CrossFit PairUp Throwdown

30 synchro deadlifts (185/123)
30 synchro bar-facing burpees
400-m run
20 synchro deadlifts
20 synchro bar-facing burpees
400-m run
10 synchro deadlifts
10 synchro bar-facing burpees
400-m run

Rest 5 min.

10 synchro thrusters (75/53)
10 synchro pull-ups
400-m run
20 synchro thrusters
20 synchro pull-ups
400-m run
30 synchro thrusters
30 synchro pull-ups
400-m run


For Time

(35:00 cap)

Scaling options can be found at



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  1. Henry Smith says

    5k row
    1:55.5 / 500m pace damper at 2.5

    Next time target 1:53 pace.

    With about 1.5k Meters to go my left side went numb/pins and needles. Don’t think it hurt the time too bad… just made the row less fun.

  2. Christa says

    Wade and I -pair up throw down
    (Through ten thrusters at cap).

  3. Ben Hanzark says

    5k Row

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