Tuesday, 24 March 2020


ATTENTION ALL!! With great sadness, the Health Zone will be closed Wednesday, 18 March until an unspecified date due to the COVID-19 outbreak. MP will be closed as well, until the HZ re-opens. At home WOD’s will be the daily post. As of now, the plan will be to gather at a designated spot on Saturday mornings for a group WOD for those interested. Some other random times and places may also be posted. Please check the website daily for more information.


Tuesday there will be a group meeting at LaFortune on the north end of the golf course parking lot at 1600 to do the 5k. Come join us for a fun time! Haha!

Wednesday MP is planning on doing a WOD at Coach Sarah’s house at 1030, and after have a firearms education and shooting class. If you are interested, contact Coach Jimmy for specifics.

Thursday we will meet at Coach Sarah’s house for MP Iron Club at 1600. Contact Coach Jimmy if you plan to attend.

Friday MP will meet in the parking lot at the Health Zone at 1000 to WOD.

Saturday MP will be meeting for a WOD at Veterans Park 305 S. Birch, Jenks at 1000.



Run 5k

For time

Compare to Saturday, 07 September 2019


Core work:

Post run

Low plank EMOM

Start at 10 sec plank hold, then rest 50 sec

Then each minute, add 10 sec to each plank hold and reduce rest by 10 sec

After completing the 60 sec plank hold, work your way back down, meaning at each minute you would now decrease the plank hold by 10 sec and increase rest by 10 sec.


Royal Huddleston Burpee Challenge:

Day 51



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. Christa says

    Not able to run 5k today so I chose:
    Zachary Tellier 44:45. About 8 mins slower than my last time. Whoa.
    Glad to be moving at this point.

  2. LaFortune 5K: 22:46
    3:01 PR!

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