Monday, 02 September 2019

MP CrossFit will be closed for Labor Day. We will be meeting at Lafortune Stadium at 0830.


Partner WOD

“Labor me this”

20 Wall-ball volley throws (25/20/16) @ (10′)

200 yds Lunges/Burpee broad jumps/DB farmers carry (50/35)*

30 Army T-push-ups

40 Alternating DB snatches/DB Clean & Jerk/DB kettlebell swing (50/35)*

50 Wall-ball sit-up throws (25/20/16)

Run bleachers*


3 rounds for time



  • All exercises are equal work, with only one athlete working at a time.
  • (M/co-ed/F)
  • Partners rotate every 25 yds. Each round is 100 yds down, and 100 yds back. Round 1 do lunges. Round 2 do burpee broad jumps. Round 3 do DB farmers carry with two DB’s.
  • Round 1 alternating DB snatches/alternating DB C&J/DB KB swings
  • Run bleachers together. Round 1, run 1 set of bleachers and 100m back to start line. Round 2, run other set of bleachers and 200m back to start line. Round 3, run both sets of bleachers and 100m to finish line.


Post results and experiences to comments


  1. 62:40 w/ Christa
    Mod 14# WB

  2. 49:19 Rx with Coach
    Wow! Awesome WOD. SOOOO hot though!
    NTFS: hydrate the day before!!!!

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