Wednesday, 06 March 2019

Wednesday 0845 class is cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience. 



Every 2 minutes on the minute for 12 minutes, perform one round of:

12/9 Calories biked

9 Front squats (45/33)

7 Shoulder Press (45/33)

5 Kettlebell Swings (72/53)




7-rep max*


For max load

*No racks. Must squat clean into first rep. Reps must be connected.



Couch stretch

Middle straddle

Twisted cross



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. darrenandtara says

    CWOD. Did it.
    Swod. 165# 75%. Might of had another 5# in the tank.

  2. CWOD: completed each round within 2 minutes, Rx
    SWOD: 105# 7RM. Might have been able to do a little more but I literally have a hematoma on my chest from 19.2 the size of a goose egg and the heavy thrusters hit it each time and I’m afraid might make it worse. So stopped safely.

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