Monday, 25 November 2019



“Straight 100”

25 Calories rowed

20 Wall-ball shots (20/14)

20 Box jumps (24/20″)

25 Calories rowed

30 Wall-ball shots

30 Box jumps

25 Calories rowed

50 Wall-ball shots

50 Box jumps

25 Calories rowed


For time

Compare to Friday, 20 September 2019



Quad smash

Spine smash

Overhead distraction

Sink stretch



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. 22:34 Rx

  2. Henry Smith says

    24:27 rx

  3. 19:40 Rx
    My WOD was doomed from the start, lol…
    Accidentally did all box jumps before wall balls each time
    Accidentally did 25 box jumps instead of 20
    Also a couple guests walked into the gym during my WOD so talking to them cost me about a minute.

    I think I am definitely part of the “Can’t Follow Directions” team. ❤️
    Oh well… still a great wod. One of my favorites! Strong work today MPers!

  4. 23:38 Rx
    Was a good one and good practice for WB and rowing, my favorites (yeah Right)
    Welcome to the CFD team Sarah

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