Monday, 21 August 2023

Great family photo for the Tavares and Jodie send-off!

We love you guys!

Join us this Saturday, August 26th, at 0900 for a FREE trial class!

NO fitness experience is needed!

Click the link below to register to compete or volunteer at:

Festivus Games October 2023



Partner WOD

Midwest Fall Classic WOD 1, “Devil Wears Prada”

6 Rounds, partners alternate full rounds of:

10 Calories rowed

10 Burpees over rower

6 Rounds, partners alternate full rounds of:

8 Alternating dumbbell snatches (70/50)

8 Dumbbell goblet squats (70/50)

6 Rounds, partners alternate full rounds of:

6 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

6 Alternating pistols


For time

(15:00 cap)*

*MFC cap is 12:00


…Rest 8:00 and then…


As many reps as possible in 5:00 of:

150 Double-unders

Max handstand walk in the remaining time

2-minute rest after the 5-minute


2 Rounds for score*

*Every 5-ft handstand walk is 1-rep



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. Team Sape
    14:11 Rx
    We lacked 43 reps at the 12min cap)

    Second part: 19, 12 Rx smoked shoulders!

    • White Ape says

      What she said on part 1.

      Part 2: 20 and 16 reps handstand walking
      HS walking is feeling a little better, but I am still struggling to relax my breathing upside-down. I did get 15+ feet unbroken a few times, so #progress!

  2. Henry Smith says

    Partnered up with Justin. Justin was RX. I modified pistols.
    14:39 finish
    At 12:00 we had 46 reps to go.

    Second part – 100DUs 3 ww first round 4 second round. I didn’t like how slick it felt over there and took it easy on the inversion.

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