Monday, 12 August 2019

This British Tribute WOD is dedicated to all the RLC EOD operators who expended their 9 lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. Among them they defused 100’s of explosive devices, saving countless lives. Gaz O’Donnel G.M., Dan Shepherd G.C., Oz Schmid G.C., Dan Read Q.G.M., Brett Linley G.M., Lisa Head. The RLC EOD left Afghanistan on the 26 October 2014.

Felix is the unofficial mascot of British Army counter-terrorism bomb disposal. Cats have always been associated with luck, possibly due to their ‘righting reflex’ – an innate ability to always land on their feet. Felix (Latin for ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’) was the name given to the popular cartoon cat created by Otto Messmer in early 1900s America. He was a cheerful, thoughtful character who never failed to survive mayhem unscathed. These are traits much coveted by bomb disposal personnel and many bomb squads worldwide adopted Messmer’s ‘Felix the Cat’ as their symbol. There have even been some conventional munitions named after him.



Hero WOD

“Felix the cat”

9 Burpees

9 Box jumps (24/20″)

9 Pull-ups

9 Thrusters (85/53)

9 Toes-2-bar


6 rounds for time*

*If you have a vest (20/14), wear it



Half straddle

Reclined spinal twist

Twisted cross



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. RhondaMomma says

    Masters Mods
    16″ Box
    42# Thruster
    I have a vest..but didn’t wear it

    NTS: do the 20″ box next time..didn’t make that big of a was still tiring!!

  2. 28:27 rx

  3. 18:49 Rx+ W/ 14# vest

  4. White Ape says

    18:32 Rx+ 20# vest

    3 rounds would have been just fine! Exhausted!

  5. 24:50 Rx +/- (14# vest for 3 rounds)
    Looveddd this WOD!!!! Next time will do all 3 rounds vested

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