Wednesday, 08 June 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 060816


Conditioning 1:

Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes, adding 1 rep of each, perform:

1 Handstand Push-up

1 Pull-ups

1 Wall-Ball Shots (20/14) @ 9′


For score*

If you make it successfully through all eight minutes, max out on WB shots. Score is total reps completed.



Power Snatch


@ 50, 60, 70, 80%

Power Clean


@ 50, 60, 70, 80%


Conditioning 2:

Partner up, and perform:

1500m Row

For Time

Equal work required



Couch Stretch – 1:30/side

Spine Smash – 2:00

Anterior Compartment Smash – 1:30/side

Hip Capsule Stretch – 1:30/side



Post score, loads, time, and experiences to comments


  1. sflynn says

    CWOD 1: -21 reps mod
    SWOD: must work lightweight form before I’ll be able to really max out on weight
    CWOD 2: 6:12.2 row with Brian

    Then did some GHD/back extension work after class for fun.

  2. CWOD Scaled: 96
    HSPUs w/ Tire
    PLUs were rate-limiting

    SWOD: Need to work on getting elbows up high and outside, keep bar close, and pull under the bar fast.

  3. CWOD:93 Rx (bottom up)
    SWOD: worked to 78# on snatch and 112# on clean
    60 calories on AirDyne

  4. Daniel says

    CWOD 102 RX
    SWOD Snatch worked up to 83# 4 sets of 3, need to get under the bar quicker and not bend elbows early
    Cleans worked up to 133# 4 sets of 3

  5. White Ape says

    119 reps Rx

    worked up to 175 pwr snatch
    worked up to 240 pwr clean

  6. CWOD:
    113 reps rx

    worked up to 80%
    93# PWR Snatch
    123# PWR clean

    Nice to focus on form. It needs it 🙂

  7. darrenandtara says

    CWod. 104. Rx.
    Swod. Worked up to 68 and 103.

    CWod. 109. Rx.
    Swod. Form work up to heavy stuff. Frustrating but much needed. To work on list is long.

  8. Muffin Man says

    CWOD: 100 Rx
    SWOD: snatch worked up to 145, clean worked up to 225

    SWOD 2: front squat work with the boiz
    MWOD: cow burger

  9. Mr. Such says

    Conditioning WOD: 87 Rx

    Strength WOD:
    Power Snatch: 115/125/135/155
    Power Clean: 135/185/205/225

    Post Strength: Front Squat w/

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