Friday, 30 October 2015

MP CrossFit Tulsa 103015



Partner WOD

Partner  “Diane”

21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Partner Deadlifts (445/380/315)*

Handstand Push-ups


For Time

*(males/co-ed/females) Both partners on the bar at the same time and same side of bar. For co-ed, load 200 on the male’s side and 135 on female’s side. For same gender pairs, load the bar evenly.


…rest 3:00


Perform 4 rounds of:

(Alternating exercises)

Run 200m

15 GHD Sit-ups

10 Pull-ups


For Time



Quad Smash – 1:30/side

Posterior Chain Floss – 1:30/side

Super Front Rack – 1:30/side



Post times and experiences to comments


  1. Mark this day on the calendar that I came to an EARLY class!
    Partnered with Susan
    WOD 1: 6:24, 213# DL, Susan mod box HSPU
    WOD 2: 9:27, Susan mod banded PLU
    Burpees: 1:36 (I think)

    New PR on PLU-I did 11 and made the board, which was my goal before we left.
    Next time I post on here I will be a Wilkins! 🙂

  2. Partnered with the Ape…
    Wod1: 6:28; Rx weight, I mod HSPU on 30″ box
    Wod2: 7:16; I mod red&purple banded PLU
    Burpees: 1:14; I need to work on more efficient burpees
    Fun one! Thx for pushing me!

    Congrats on PLU Kelsey! And your upcoming wedding!!

  3. darrenandtara says

    Wodded with Mr. Muffin
    Wod 1. 10:39. Rx.
    Wod 2. 6:31.
    Wod 3. 58 seconds.

  4. Balboa60 says

    Rocked this one out with big Dave!
    WOD 1:
    8:01 (mod on the HSPU)
    WOD 2:
    8:12 Rx
    WOD 3:

    Felt good today!

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