Monday, 22 June 2015

MP CrossFit Tulsa 062215

All classes are normal this week except there will be no 0845 Monday or Wednesday. Sorry for any inconvenience.



Clean to Front Squat

5-5-5-5-5 at 75% 1RM Clean


For Quality



“Under Construction”

20 Calories Rowed

15 Pull-ups

200m Run

15 Burpees


4 rounds for time



Olympic Wall Squat – 2:00

Lateral Opener – 2:00 per side

Hip capsule – 2:00 per side



Post time and experience to comments


  1. Balboa60 says

    5 sets @ 135# – Need to work my wrist flexibility and elbows

    23:13 Rx
    having to break up my pull-ups into 3-4 sets really slowed me down. Need to get better!

    Great WOD and thanks to Darren for coaching us today!

  2. darrenandtara says

    Swod. 175#. Good weight to practice squat clean.

    CWod. 19:32. Tougher than it looked.

  3. SWOD: 4 sets @93# (I was running late from work)
    CWOD: 21:31 (mod: red-banded PLUs)

  4. Swod:
    4×5 @-75% 1@70%

  5. Muffin Man says

    SWOD: 5 @ 185# – felt good dropping under the bar for the squat clean.
    CWOD: 16:20 Rx – toasty!

    Stayed and worked on the glamour muscles with Boy Wonder

  6. darrenandtara says


    Swod. Worked on form
    Cwod. 18.36. Ran instead of rowed.

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