Tuesday, 03 July 2012

Reminder: No classes Wednesday.

Normal classes Tuesday, with the addition of a 0845 class


“Battle Buddy”

20 Tire Flips (210/175)

40 meter Shuttle Runs x 4

80 Buddy Push-ups

100 meter Buddy Carry

100 Sit-ups

80 Pull-ups

40 Wall-Ball Tosses @ 5m (20/14)

20 Tire Flips


For Time


This is a Partner WOD. Each “buddy” must complete exactly half of each exercise. Tire flips and shuttle runs are to be alternated. The “buddy” being carried is inoperative/injuried on the battle field. Piggy backing is a modification.



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Compare to 04 JUL 11

Happy Independence Day!



  1. beckyedwards says

    16:49 with Jimmy

    Mod: carried him piggy back

    16# wall ball

    Bonus: 8:43 singles

  2. welcome Alyssa from Ft Bragg CrossFit! she was my partner.

    ??12 min for singles

    Fireman carry
    i did knee PU. Alyssa did Rx.
    both did banded PLU

  3. ErinFaith says

    wonderful 5k yesterday in CB! and lovely yoga practice this morning gearing up for the 8 mile down hill tmrw! everybody do some rain dances for RAIN in Colorado!

  4. Had fun with Debbie and Vernice….31:31 and 11:24 jump ropes. All kinds of modifications.
    It was a good time. Happy 4th everyone.

  5. Ethan Dennis says

    20:23 with Jaime (women’s RX on everything)
    11:15 DU

  6. Coach Jimmy says

    W/ Becky
    Rx except 16# WB toss

    Bonus: 8:43
    Did speed skips since Becky was doing singles

  7. Robert says

    20:41 with Jay

    500 DU with Jay doing singles–9:21

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