Friday, 16 August 2019



4800m Ruck run*


For time

*Start with 20 lbs, and then every 1200m, add 10 lbs.

If choosing to run unweighted, perform burpee box overs (24/20″) after each 1200m. Start with 20, and add 5 each round.



Post results and experiences to comments


  1. RhondaMomma says

    Yuck run..oops
    I mean Ruck run

    46:55 Masters loads @ 10, 20, 30, 35 (I don’t think I could have managed the RX)
    The last two rounds were pretty rough! Running down and uphill was a strugglefest by round 4..proud of myself for pushing through!!

  2. Holy moly
    54:44 Rx
    I think I got shorter with all that weight pushing down lol
    Round 1 and 2 were good round 3 was awful round 4 I have no words to describe my pain
    Great job everyone!!

  3. White Ape says

    37:54 Rx
    That 50# pack on that hill is rough!! Ran the worlds slowest jog on that hill in the last round! Hahaha!

    Awesome job everyone!!! Proud of each of you choosing the hardest mod you could be successful at!
    Ape strong!!

  4. Did this at home on flatter terrain so did the full games length ruck.
    43:54 Rx 6000m
    That was rough! Not sure why the weight is the same for girls and guys but makes us girls that much tougher. Great job everyone!

  5. megancyork says

    56:15 Rx
    I’m not finishing mowing my yard today.

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