Thursday, 27 May 2010

Rest Day
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  1. Robert

    OHS 3 rep max–165 lbs and one at 170 lbs. Great job Stephen and John. Danny well done. Susan…wow…that is impressive!

  2. MP Jimmy

    300 double unders for time, 4:20. Tied my PR!

    Strong work on OHS's this am. As you practice, remember to focus on form and control the movement.

  3. Michel

    Susan you were unbelievable today and all your hard work is showing up big time. Well done! I think I got to 37# but worked on form – much needed. Thanks a million Jimmy for the coaching. And Lisette was on fire with the burpees. Great to see everyone today and kudos to Gina and Mel for up on the Board. Righteous!

  4. erin

    " helenish" row500, 21 su , 12 plu : 11:18
    did it since I'm babying my quad gotta be able to hang on Monday with big dogs 😉

  5. Susan

    what's with our quads this week???

    What should we be doing differently? I've never experienced quad cramps before. Dehydration? Over training?

    I could have finished my 3rd rep at 92# if it had not been for a quad cramp.

  6. Danny

    Melanie said…

    worked on form for ohs..can't remember the weight I used. Thanks, Jimmy, so much for all of the help on ohs.

  7. Ginny

    67# (6 times) working on form…Thanks Jimmy for your help and encouragement! I'm happy with that weight..last I remember doing was 45#!

  8. Anne

    OHS – A whopping 10 pounds! Thanks for help with form Melanie, Ginny and Jimmy! Congrats Ginny and Susan!