Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Run 800m
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

3 rounds for time

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12 Responses
  1. Susan

    Rowing Michael 25:44

    whoa…I was surprised with quad cramps during my 200m run so I had to row. so I'll drink more water and do more stretches.

  2. Coby

    36:47 RX with Gina @ 8:45 It was hot!
    what a difference 75 minutes makes this time of year.
    Debbie did 36:40 @ 6:30

  3. Rhonda G

    25:25 RX except I did unanchored situps

    Susan I wondered where you went. Hope your cramp is better!! Glad we did this one before it got WARM outside. Good job 6:30. That was fun!?

  4. erin

    Did the cfe wod from yesterday on the row : row 125 rest 1 min 10 rds , since my quad tweeked out in me yesterday great job today everyone!

  5. Danny

    Melanie said…

    24:28 RX unanchored abmat sit ups
    Great to work out with Ginny, Anne, and Mary!!! Thanks for coming today, Anne!!!!! 🙂 Great work everyone!!!!!

  6. Anne

    22:33 "1/2 Michael" (walk 400m; 25 back ext; 25 SU). Great to work out with Ginny, Mary and Melanie! Too much FUN! Thanks Erin for the MoD WoD! Great to see you Melanie!!!