Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pick one:

WOD 1:


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Deadlifts (225/150)
Handstand Push-ups

For Time

WOD 2:

Games Open WOD #1:
(Open to competitors and non-competitors)

AMRAP in 10 min of:

30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches*

*The power snatch is more popularly none as “ground to overhead anyhow”!

Post time or number of rounds and extra reps to comments

Compare to:
15 NOV 10 – Diane
18 MAR 11 – Games WOD

CFE WOD (3+ hours before or after main WOD):

Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 5K
Row: 5K
Bike: 10K
Swim: 1 mile

Post sport and time to comments
9 Responses
  1. MP Jimmy

    Great day at MP! We had several PR's! Congratz to all of them! I will not steal their thunder, so I will let them post their own.

    My PR was in Diane- 4:53 Rx
    Which is a 2:50 PR!
    Thank you for the cheering section and the camera crew(Lesley)!

    I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

  2. Michel

    Stellar morning with everyone and solid, strong work!! Congrats on performance and PRs!
    WOD 2 = 130 – 177 last time. Woe is me.
    Great weekend to all!

  3. erin

    Comp WOD 1
    260 rx! 5 rds plus 30 DU and 5 snatches!!
    5 more reps then last time 🙂 whoo hoo! Thanks for yelling at me everyone! I needed it!

  4. Rhonda G

    5:19 MOD – or so…(can't remember exact time, but need a bench mark for next time 🙂
    95# DL
    KNEES ON 24" BOX