Tuesday, 21 June 2016

MP CrossFit Tulsa 062116



3-person Team

3000m Row


For Time



“Hammer Time” 

15 Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups

25 Burpees

35 Front Squats (75/53)

45 Double Unders

45 Calories Rowed

35 Sit-ups

25 Push Press (75/53)

15 Lateral Bar Jumps*


For Time

*Jumping over the bar both directions equal 1

Compare to Tuesday, 23 February 2016





@ 40-50-60-65-70-75-80-85-90% 1RM


For Quality



Right side straddle – 1:00

Left side straddle – 1:00

Center straddle – 1:00

Butterfly – 1:00

Pike – 1:00


2 rounds for quality



Post times, load, and experiences to comments


  1. sflynn says

    11:50, 43sec faster but modified DU with 45 short box step ups, and lateral jumps with 30 air squats so not really a good comparison, still mod C2B with banded PLU
    Afterwards: 5 rounds of 20 GHDs and 15 back extensions
    Then worked heavy C&J and BS

    Seeing an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow about my hip. Hoping for good news. 🙁

  2. CourtnieSmith says

    Rowed with the Mundells. Our time was 12 something. I can’t remember.

    CWOD: 14:41 rx
    47 seconds slower than last time. But last time I did banded plu

  3. Bradley says

    Came in late (imagine that) and missed the group row session. Darn.
    12:52 rx. 1:06 faster than last time, I think.

  4. Rowed on team Becky’s PinkZilla. 12:47 I think
    13:28 on the CWOD.
    Didn’t snatch today since my elbow hurts.

  5. darrenandtara says

    Rowed with Mrs. Goat Rider and a really good looking strong guy. 12:05.
    CWod. 12:13 Rx 18 sec Pr.
    Swod. Did it.

    D. Row. See above
    CWod. 11:06 Rx. Same as Pr
    Swod. Did it. Need more work splitting that.

  6. Muffin Man says

    Row: No clue. Defer to Such and Boy Wonder
    CWOD: 10:52 Rx (3 seconds slower than last time)
    SWOD: Did it up to 90%. Gotta work on speed under the bar.

  7. 4.5 mile HOT hilly run at lunch
    Skill WOD: 12:57.6 (I think) with team Becky’s Pinkzilla
    CWOD: 14:07 Rx. Not quite sure how this was a minute and a half slower than last time.
    SWOD: up to 100# snatch (2# PR). Had a couple of ugly attempts at 103# that may or may not have involved a knee on the ground….
    22 push-ups for #22kill solo since everyone did them without me today 🙁

    • White Ape says

      If you would have got to the gym at class time, you could have joined Michael, Sarah, and I. oh wait! What am I saying, you on time?!?! Bahahahahahahahahahahaha! Love ya Pinky! 😉

  8. White Ape says

    Rowed with Boone and Rags

    I did an abbreviated version of CWOD due to time constraint for follow on lifting program.
    reps were 10-15-20-25-25-20-15-10, 5:23 Rx weight and skills

    Testing out new lifting program. Marathon lifting tonight.
    SQ Snatch – 9 x 1
    C & J – 7 x 1
    Snatch Pulls – 4 x 3
    Push Jerk – 4 x 3
    Back Squat – 4 x 3

    Each had different percentages to lift to.

  9. Mr. Such says

    WOD 1: Row with Muffin Boy. All I know is that was not easy.
    WOD 2: 14:22 Rx
    WOD 3: 205# Snatch
    10# PR

    Pause Front Squat (3 sec pause)
    10×3 @ 225#
    BB Row

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