Monday, 29 April 2013



“Bear’s Baby Brother”


Complete 5 rounds of 5 cycles of:

Power Clean (120/80)

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press


For Time



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Compare to 18 NOV 11


Resting the bar on the ground is only authorized between rounds, not during cycles. If unauthorized rest occurs, that cycle does not count. Resting while bar is not on the ground is authorized, i.e. on the shoulders, in the rack position, on the legs, etc.
Each exercise is it’s own specific exercise. Do not clean into the front squat; rather, pwr clean, open hips at top, then do front squat. Followed by push press, set on shoulders, back squat, open hips at top, push press, and then back to ground. That is one cycle. Repeat 4 more times equals 1 round.


  1. Christian Steichen says

    @ #95

  2. 9:5?
    That would have been interesting at 120#. My elbow was killing me this morning so went a little light today.

  3. 63# masters Rx

  4. RhondaG says

    9:20 MOD

    Working on Power Clean form today.

  5. schumer says


    Wrist and shoulder flexibility are limiting factors.

  6. Nathan Dietzel says

    85# 14:33
    490 M row
    unknown singles/doubles.

  7. 11:34 95 pounds

  8. beckyedwards says

    14:02 rx+ 93 lbs

    Worked on connecting du. Strung together 20 du. That’s a pr for this spastic jump roping girl.

  9. beckyedwards says

    Also, be thinking about Ryan Alonso tomorrow. He’s in the noon class. He’s becoming a first time daddy tomorrow!!!!

  10. I do not like brother bear, I do not like him here or there, I do not like baby bear ANYWHERE!!! 🙂

    11:53 rx

  11. White Ape says

    10:18 Rx+ (135)
    I sure wanted to stop after round 3!

    290 Double Unders in 6-30 sec intervals
    508 meters rowed in 3-30 sec intervals

  12. ErinFaith says

    Oops didn’t mean to put that’s as a reply Jana :p

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