Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The inspiration for yesterday’s “Go For It” WOD. Sometimes we have to fail, in order to force us to learn new techniques and skills. So…”Go for it”, somebody is bound to have a winch!

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25 minute time cap:




For max load at each rep range


Rest 5 minutes


21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Burpee Box Overs (24/20″)

Slammers (12/8)


For Time

(10 minute time cap)



Post max loads and time to comments


  1. Caption THIS photo!!!!

    “Jimmy, I told you to ask for directions! But no. You had to take a shortcut!!!”

  2. 325# DL

    6:51 WOD

  3. 285#

    Felt good on 285#. next time warm up with alternate grip. Need to get comfortable with it.

  4. My previous 1 DL max PR was 205#.

    205# is now my 2 DL max PR. Failed at heavier weights. My form fell apart.

    10.36. I was busy talking during the 21 reps. I could have been faster.

  5. White Ape says

    5-rep: 315 (go up next time)
    3-rep: 405
    1-rep: 440 (10# PR!!)

    5:09 Burpee WOD

  6. beckyedwards says

    208# new pr!! Up from 183 previously.

    5:48 rx

  7. beckyedwards says

    Tons of PR’s happening today with the Tuesday crew! Awesome work everyone!

  8. 208# pr for sure!
    Ran out of time no time for
    The second WOD!

  9. 5 rep 183
    3 rep 2??
    1 rep 253 no pr for me today 🙁
    burpee WOD 6:46

  10. 208# deadlift
    Didn’t have time for second WOD

  11. ErinFaith says

    82 lb shoulder press
    6:55 21-15-9 cals, push ups and sit ups

  12. Bootcamp
    WOD B

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