Monday, 26 November 2012


Battle Over Red Lands WOD 3:

21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Chest to Abmat Kettlebell Push-ups

Shuttle Run

Chest-2-Bar Pull-ups

Shuttle Run


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Perform 21 PU with hands in the handles of kettlebells, chest touches abmat. Then perform a shuttle run of 5, 10, and 15 meters. Then perform 21 C2B Pull-ups, and finally re-run the shuttle run. Next do the 15 rep round, and then the 9 round. Finish after the final run. One hand must touch past the line on each of the turn arounds.


  1. 9:53
    Only about half the C2bar were Rx.

  2. 8:34 with knee pu on kb and 1.5″ banded plu

  3. Christian Steichen says

    Got to the round of 9
    9 KB PU
    8 C2B PLU
    0 Shuttle Runs

    Rolled ankle coming off the box sloppy
    An hour later, feeling better.
    I’ll be back Wednesday.

  4. 83 Reps RX 40-49 Masters
    Total WOD time was 11:16 I think.

  5. dscroggins says

    Glad you are doing better, Christian.

    7:37 RX with C2B PLU’s. My advanced age allowed regular PLU’s, but the firebreathers pushed me.

  6. beckyedwards says

    Did 7th heaven from a couple weeks ago

    6 rds 25 reps

    105# cleans

    PR for cleans.

  7. 8:17 RX

  8. Coach Jimmy says

    Did 7th Heaven (14 Nov) w/ Becky, Erin, and Rusty:
    6 rds +40 reps
    Rx+ (205 clean)


  9. Ethan Dennis says

    10:34 banded c2b

  10. Round of 9 less the shuttle run otherwise RX :10:49–went to help Christian

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