Monday, 14 October 2012


“Filthy Fifty”


50 Box Jumps (24/20″)

50 Jumping Pull-ups

50 Kettlebell Swings (35/25)

50 Walking Lunges

50 Knees-2-Elbows

50 Push Press (45/30)

50 Back Extentions

50 Wall-Ball Shots (20/14)

50 Burpees

50 Double Unders


For Time



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Compare to 19 JAN 11


  1. 35:12 Rx
    I am hurting after this one!

  2. 37.00.

    Master mods:
    20″ step up
    GHD instead of K2E
    30# PP
    8# WBS
    25# KBS

    The back ext and jumping PLU gave me trouble today.

    New subject: what brand of protein powder is best. I’ve used Optimum Nutrition for years.

  3. 31:29 RX

    I think this was my first RX Filthy Fifty..
    Oh those a dang Wall Balls!!!!! They still make me want to cry !

  4. 28:23 rx!! WOW that one was hard. Not too bad till the wall balls and burpees…did games standard burpees.

  5. Ethan Dennis says

    25 # KBS
    33# PP
    12# WB

  6. Coach Jimmy says

    24:29 Rx
    I love this WOD! This was my very first WOD, 29 MAR 07.
    I did set a new PR! It was only by 8 seconds, but when comparing the added standards, That is really good!

  7. Coach Jimmy says

    Congratz to Jaime and Rhonda for your PR’s!!

  8. beckyedwards says

    28:35 RX

    First time to ever do this WOD! Wow, it was NO JOKE!!!!

  9. 30:41 RX

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