Monday, 03 September 2012

Danny jumping the finishline of the team Burpee mile, with Robert 


Reminder: Gym closed, but we will meet at the skate park, 21st & Riverside, west side of river and south side of 21st. We will meet at 0830. Enjoy your Labor Day!


Run 800m

10 rounds of skate park

Run 1 mile

10 rounds of skate park

Run 800m


For Time



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  1. Christian Steichen says

    Saw you guys on my 10 mile run this morning!
    Sorry I missed.

  2. runnergirl says

    Time: 57:24 with 5 rounds on 2nd set.
    Katie & Ty completed 10 rounds modified.
    Way to go all!
    Happy Labor Day.

  3. Coach Jimmy says

    44:48 Rx

    That was an exhausting WOD! The second 10 rds of skate park were 4 minutes slower than the first.

    We had a good group of folks! I hope everyone had a great time. Enjoy your Labor Day!

  4. beckyedwards says

    1:03 doing 5 rds on the second set. That was a sweaty wod & the ramps were toasty by the end. Too much fun!

  5. ErinFaith says

    50:?? Yup it was nasty hot!

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