Thursday, 30 August 2012


Rest Day






Choose a sport:


Run: 3 x 1 mile, rest half sprint time

Row: 3 x 2000m, rest half sprint time

Bike: 3 x 3 miles, rest half sprint time

Swim: 3 x 400m, rest half sprint time


Post sprint time to comments


  1. Funny photo!!!
    Ran with Jecky and Vicky at Turkey 4 mi

  2. 33:00 in the pool.

  3. lisettecoston says

    Ran 3 miles, swam in pool at home for 25 minutes

  4. beckyedwards says

    Ran Turkey Mtn 4 miles w/ Jaime, Jimmy,Vickie & Heidi (Vickie’s sweet dog)!

  5. Coach Jimmy says

    I was at the 4 mile run. Great time ladies!

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