Saturday, 04 August 2012


We will be meeting at Turkey Mountain main parking lot at 0645 for trail run. Everyone is welcome to join.

“Ethan D”

4 mile trail run





With a continuous running clock, perform the following each minute. Adding 2 double unders and 1 burpee every minute until unable to complete within the minute.

2 Double Unders

1 Burpees

*E.G.-minute 1 is 2 DU and 1 burpee, minute 2 is 4 DU and 2 burpee, minute 3 is 6 DU and 3 burpees


Upon reaching the uncompleteable minute, rest 1 additional minute, and then perform:

4 Handstand Push-ups

10 GHD Sit-ups

4 rounds for time



Post last sucessful minute completed and time to comments

*Rest length is not specified. Rest up to one hour for full recovery.


  1. Ethan Dennis says

    got to 16+8,
    then 18:25 RX

  2. ErinFaith says

    Trail ran
    Got to 18 and 9
    5:05 for part 3

  3. beckyedwards says

    Turkey Mtn: 5.25 miles

    Completed round 22/11 of DU/burpees, went to singles at round 16/8

    3:55 wod time

    50 bonus DU’s for time: 5:26

    Fun trail run today. Shout out to Vicki for being an awesome Turkey Mtn trail guide today!

    Came home and did AMRAP on the couch (as much rest as possible) in 2 hours. Good nap!

  4. Coach Jimmy says

    AWESOME morning today!! 11 people at the trail run, and 15 people at the class!!

    Did Turkey Mnt trail run, 5.25 miles

    Completed minute 12, 24 DU/12 Burpees. Almost got minute 13, did the DU’s, and 12 burpees! maybe next year. 🙂

    3:28 WOD time

    …then a rachetball education for Chris and Christian!

    Had a great Saturday! As usual, I beat Becky…AMRAP on couch, 3 hrs! 😉

    Strong work everyone! Have a great weekend.


  5. Coach Jimmy says

    Thanks to Vicky for the free guide tour at Turkey Mountain!

  6. trail run 5.25. Not bad considering the longest run I’ve ever done was 6 mi.
    Completed 22/11 got to 24 du and 7 burpees
    4:36 rx with TWO rounds T2B

  7. Nathan Dietzel says

    Trail Run w/ Vicky was awesome. First real trail run, won’t be my last! 5.25 Miles.
    Completed 16/8 then took forever to finish last part of WOD. Happy B-Day Ethan and great job on the RX!

  8. Trail run was great.

    5:38 on WOD

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