Friday, 27 July 2012

Welcome back one of the original MP CrossFitters from 2007, Dave!

Health Zone Olympics

Bench Press Test:

Max rep Bench Press*

Males 54 & under @ 115/Males 55+ @ 85

Females 54 & under @ 65/Females 55+ @ 45


*Full range of motion (ROM) required. Bar starts fully extended, lowered to touch chest, and returned to starting position for each rep. Constant movement required, NO REST. If a rep does not reach full ROM, that rep does not count. Two incorrectly performed reps, or stopping the movement in the up or down positions, terminates the exercise.


Rest, up to 10 minutes


Main WOD:

10 Box Jumps (24/20″)*

10 Glute-Ham Sit-ups


10 rounds for time


*2012 Games standard, jump onto the box and then over = 1. Jumping over the box with one movement is also allowed.



Post bench press and WOD time time to comments


  1. Christian Steichen says

    10 reps @ #115

    Main WOD:

  2. CONGRATULATIONS TO VERNICE!!! 50 reps at 45#. we’ll soon see the gold medal around her neck!!

    36 reps at 45#
    WOD time: 20.17
    14″ box jumpovers and GHD.

    my fear factor is less with the box jumpovers than regular box jumps. ….hmmm…what’s with that?? I’ll try 16″ box jumpovers next time.

  3. WOOHOO…Go, Vernice!!! 50 reps…impressive! All our 630s did great at the bench at this morning! I’m lovin’ all the CrossFitters taking medals in our HZ Olympics!

    25 reps @65#
    WOD time = 21:31 Rx (Yippie! I don’t often get to put Rx on WODS) – had 3 failed reps on the box tho 🙁

  4. RhondaG says

    12 Bench Press Reps @ 65#
    Everyone did awesome in the Bench Press Olympics this morning! Very nice…Vernice!! I bet Susan will have some bling around her neck too! 65# felt very heavy..great job Angie! I hope you get a spot in the top 3!!

    Main Wod:
    15:27 MOD
    16″ Box Jumpovers
    20 Army Rowers on the Balance Trainer (That is a pretty challenging core exercise! Fun stuff!)

  5. Chad V says

    33 reps @ 115#

    Main WOD:
    2:1 situps

  6. 31 bench press @ 65#
    14:19 rx…had to do 2 rds T2B. That was awful

  7. beckyedwards says

    20 reps @ 65#

    12:25 rx one round toes2bar

    That was a smoker!!

  8. dscroggins says

    27 BP
    23:17 RX

  9. jflea3 says

    37 BP
    24:34 mix of gumby machine and Toes to Bar

  10. Coach Jimmy says

    40 reps @ 115

    Main WOD:
    11:14 Rx
    2 rds of toes2bar, which were my to slowest rds!
    15 t2b was not an equivalent mod to 10 GHD’s, it was harder.

    Congrats to vernice and everyone on te bench press! You all help make CF shine in the competition! Proud of all of you!

  11. Ethan Dennis says


  12. 16:19 rx
    Erin after that work I want “V” baby!!!

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