Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Main WOD:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

20 Double Unders

10 meters Burpee Broad Jumps

10 V-ups

10 meters Burpee Broad Jumps


Post total rounds and extra reps to commments




Choose a sport:

Run: 4 x 400m, rest 4 minutes

Row: 4 x 500m, rest 4 minutes

Bike: 4 x 1200m, rest 4 minutes

Swim: 4 x 100m, rest 4 minutes





Post sport and total sprint time to comments



Gymnastics WOD:

Hold right leg splits, 4 minutes

Hold left leg splits, 4 minutes

Hold middle splits, 4 minutes


Post experience to comments


  1. Coach Jimmy says

    5 rds +32 reps Rx with exception
    I did 10 pistols with a roll (5 each leg) instead of V-ups, each rd.

  2. 400m CFE x2: time 2:12 and 2:04. I need to get braver running down the hill. I fear falling on that broken pavement and breaking a body part.

    AMRAP WOD: 3 rounds plus rope jumps plus burpees and situps then a few more burpees…so almost 4rounds

  3. beckyedwards says

    6 rounds +10 reps with pistol rolls (5 each leg) instead of V-ups

    mod: 60 singles each round

  4. Ethan Dennis says

    5 +20 DU

  5. Robert says

    8 rounds full

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