Monday, 18 June 2012

Four rounds for time:

Run 400m

4 rounds of “Cindy”*



Post time to comments

Compare to 22 JUN 12


*One round of “Cindy” is:

5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Squats


  1. uh oh….this makes my ankles hurt just looking at it 🙂

  2. RhondaG says

    28:51 MOD
    Jumping PLU
    Knee PU

    That made me tired!!…and very very sweaty!!
    The group warm-up was great.

  3. 45:29 with the more user friendly masters reps of 3. 400 meter row, knee push-ups, and 1″ banded pull-ups.

  4. Chad V says

    36:10 RX

  5. beckyedwards says

    39:18 rx

    Hello summer! Sweat-fest

  6. 40:37 mod
    1″PLU & Knee PU…yeesh, that was super tough! And, yes, hello summer…that noon time heat sucks!

  7. ErinFaith says

    39:52 mod
    had to go to 5 plu and 5 pu (every other rd) my shoulder started hurting during pu, and 10 sit ups and 15 sqts,
    tired of this shoulder mess.

  8. Coach Jimmy says

    31:57 Rx+
    w/ 20 vest

    Very exhausting WOD! Felt like taking a nap all day.

  9. 37:02
    Mod to knee pushups after the 3rd round of Cindy on the first round….Did you get that?
    Whewww…. counting the rounds alone wore me out!

  10. Robert says

    35:52 with 20 pound vest.

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