Monday, 21 May 2012

For Time

Run 600m


10 rounds of:

10 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

10 Sit-ups


Run 600m



Post time to comments


  1. i was really sore before today’s wod from last Friday’s wod.


    i feel much better now. my time should improve the next time i do this wod.

  2. Chad V says

    25:14 RX

    That last run was really hard even though we hadn’t worked our legs

  3. jflea3 says

    32:26 RX

  4. 45:49 with 1″ band

  5. 29:31 MOD – 1″ PLU & Knee PU

    I was also still sore from Friday’s WOD. I should have attempted RX PU, but I was so tired!

    Congrats to Erin for working back in to PLU and PU…hooray!

  6. Ethan Dennis says


  7. beckyedwards says

    29:45 Rx

    Legs are still pretty sore from Friday too!!

  8. Robert says

    29:14 Rx+burpees subbed for PU–must get my 101 burpees done today. 14 days left in the Royal Huddleston Burpee Challenge. Great job to all!

  9. ErinFaith says

    Thanks Angie!
    Yup did my first plu and pu in like 2 months!
    Ran 600
    10 rds
    10 sqts
    5 plu with green band ( alternated each rd with 5 knee pu)
    10 su
    Ran 600
    Felt grrrrrrreAt to do upper body again 😀

  10. 31:30 r. Plus. Did half of the su on ghd

  11. Coach Jimmy says

    25:32 Rx+
    did GHD SU’s all 10 rds

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