Friday, 06 April 2012

MP CrossFit, the CrossFit of south Tulsa



For Time:

25 Burpees

Run 400m with a Wall-Ball (20/14)

25 Weighted pull-ups (20/15)

Run 400m with a Wall-Ball (20/14)

25 Handstand push-ups

Run 400m with a Wall-Ball (20/14)

25 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Run 400m with a Wall-Ball (20/14)

25 Burpees


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(WOD courtesy of and the fallen Hero)


  1. says

    1/2 band on CTB
    ab mat HSPU

  2. says

    1/2″ band PLU
    1″band CTB
    24″ box HSPU

  3. 32.36 with lots of mods

    12# ball/400m run
    2 purple bands for PLU
    green band for C2B PLU
    24″ box HSPU

    will I ever be able to do PLU???

  4. Vernice says


    2 purple bands
    walked w/ball rather than run
    20″ HSPU

    Happy Easter to everyone.

  5. RhondaG says

    32:09 MOD
    HSPU with toes on Boxing Dummy

    Ok, that was hard..but fun! Great Friday WOD! My hands are starting to look like I’m a CrossFitter…Oh NO!!

    The 0630 Gals were rocking this morning. Great job Angie, Susan and Vernice!!

  6. 31:34 rx. First time to do weighted plu.
    Happy Easter Everyone

  7. Christian Steichen says


  8. Chad V says


    10 HSPU’s away from being RX…

  9. dscroggins says

    31:57 RX

  10. ErinFaith says

    did 25 sqts
    run 400
    25 su
    run 400
    25 su
    run 400
    25 lunges (each leg)
    run 400
    25 sqts
    run 400
    25 lunges (each leg)
    with a weighted vest (15lbs) i dont remember time was just trying to finish around same time as everyone else.

  11. 35:54 (or 34:54…it’s a blur!)

    1/2″ band for “weighted” PLUs…this is the most PLUs I’ve ever done with the purple band!
    20″ box for HSPUs
    1″ band for C2B PLUs

    Ugh, those silly 14# balls! My 20-mile ride after the WOD was sure challenging…

    All the 630 ladies were amazing this morning!! Way to go Rhonda, Susan, and Vernice! Good times!!!

  12. Coach Jimmy says

    Awesome day everyone!!! Del would be proud!

    Rusty and I did “300”, due to me missing it Wednesday on account of a sprained ankle. I plan on doing Del next Friday when my ankle should be good to go!

    16:17 Rx

    Definately not a PR, but stayed safe on ankle. I just couldn’t “rest” again today! 🙂

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