Monday, 12 December 2011

“Do your arms hurt?”

15 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
5 minutes of planks*
15 Pull-ups

For Time

Post time to comments
(WOD courtesy of Christian Stiechen, age 15)

*No longer than 30 sec of rest, and no less than 30 seconds of work at a time
Also note that this week we will be working on proper push-up form!!!


  1. 20:47 ~RX

  2. Christian says

    22:30 RX

  3. christine says

    1/2 band on PLU


  4. 18:22 RX

    Yes, my arms hurt, but not as much as they are going to tomorrow!

  5. 12:45 Rx
    I have never looked so forward to doing pull-ups as I did during the planks!

    I had visions of grandure when thinking I would do over 2 minutes in first plank, how about 37 seconds! I decided to reduce rest time and do short holds. Longest rest was 5 sec, but longest hold was 45 sec.

    Thanks to Rusty for pushing.

  6. 17:17 rx

  7. 13:49 Rx great work rxers

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