Wednesday, 26 October 2011

“Partner up”

3000m Row

250 Sit-ups

200 Squats

150 Push-ups

100 Pull-ups

For Time

Post time to comments


Both partners do equal work on all exercises. Switch every 500m on the row.


  1. 36:50 Rx + 20 pound vest. With Danny and his 20 pound vest

  2. MP Jimmy says

    Partnered with Erin: 33:58 Rx

    Great WOD!!

  3. Robert and Danny…. you guys are crazy!!
    38:03 Rx had Brian as a partner,who put up with my crankiness when I thought he wasn't going fast enough or I forgot how to count above 10.
    I think my face is the only thing that doesn't hurt when I move.

  4. Rhonda G says

    I agree with Jaime!! On both the CRAZY part and the body parts!!

    Partnered with Susan. I think our time was…38:something MOD. That was fun!!

  5. 36:50
    With Brent from the 5:30 PM class
    Fun WOD! Thanks Brent!

  6. Rhonda G says

    Lou Said: " I am not sure of our time but my partner " Justin " worked me light a sled dog, then he leaves for vacation. It just ain't right!

    Have fun Justin… If your ears are burning around 0700 hrs tomorrow it's me!!

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