Tuesday, 25 October 2011

For Time

200m Sprint

10 Burpees

5 Handstand Push-ups

5 rounds

Post time to comments

Compare to 10 SEP 11


Choose a sport:

Run, Row, Bike, or Swim

Run: 10 x 200m, rest 4 min

Row: 10 x 250m, rest 4 min

Bike: 10 x 400m, rest 4 min

Swim: 10 x 50m, rest 4 min

Post sport and sprint time to comments


  1. MP Jimmy says

    0630 and 1730 classes will meet on the exercise floor to do a slightly modified version of this.

  2. Rhonda G says

    12:43 ish…
    HSPU on Ledge.

    Gosh, I'm just now getting sore from yesterday!! Great to work out with you 6:30 am peeps! Tuesdays on the floor are not so bad at all.

  3. MP Jimmy says

    9:34 Rx

    Holy smokes! That is a 1:39 PR!! I to.d Rusty that I was going to try speeding up my burpees, and I think I did!! I haven't cut 90+ seconds off a short WOD in a LONG time. Super excited!

    SU bar is now installed. We can do anchored SU's!

  4. MP Jimmy says

    Happy Birthday Deborah Denton!

  5. Ethan Dennis says

    about 15:00

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