Tuesday, 19 July 2011

3 rounds for max reps:

Handstand Push-ups


3 rounds max reps:

Push Press (64/45)

Post total HSPU and PP to comments


Choose a Sport:

Run, Row, Bike, or Swim

2 x 8 min work, 5 min rest

Post total distance covered to comments


  1. MP Jimmy says

    No time aspect on this WOD, other than a "end of class" time hack. Rest is up to you.

  2. Rhonda G says

    4 HSPU on Ab Mat

    30 rep max PP at 45#
    21 rep maz PP at 65#

    Oh yeah! The ladies at 6:30 am kicked it up a notch on the PP! Great job Vernice and Susan!! Wooo Hooo..Oh, sorry Erin…she did it too and did a very good job as well 🙂

    Great job to the bootcampers too! Britt, thanks for cheering us on!

  3. Angela says

    I opted for an upside triathlon training this morning with a friend…

    RUN: 5K in 34:33 (a new PR for me!!)
    BIKE: 15 miles in 1:07:24
    SWIM: 1 mile (35 laps) in 39:32

    I definitely started feeling the "deck of cards" on the bike and in the pool!

  4. Robert says

    HSPU: 3-1-2 sore right shoulder

    PP: 23-28-24

  5. 4-3-3 HSPU
    45-36-31 PP

  6. 3-4-5 HSPU ( abmat)
    40-35-36 push press rx
    (23 @ 65)

    Running CFE run 200 rest 1 min x 6 this afternoon

  7. Vernice says

    HSPU 30, 24, 27
    PP 30, 32 at 45lb
    pp 13 at 65lb

    Great work everyone.
    I had a good time working out with all.

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