Monday, 16 May 2011


Run 400m

15 Overhead Squats (95/65)

5 rounds for time

Post time to comments

Compare to 10 NOV 10


  1. MP Jimmy says

    Classes will be in the new CF area at the zone! Same times.

  2. Woohoo! The hill is back!

  3. 20.05 why, yes, there is a hill….2 min slower
    45# OHS

    Thank you, Debbie, for bringing the yummy fruit!

  4. 18:25 rx slower from the hill

  5. 21:26 rx
    good to see you again Cuesta Diablo!! ( devil hill)

  6. Agh!! That's suposed to be COLINA diablo!
    Dad-gum txt correction on iPhone! :-p

  7. Patrice says

    23:12 with 17 # OHS
    Thanks for the fruit!

  8. christine says


  9. Chad V. says

    17:44 OHS 20# lighter than the ladies RX. I will get there someday…

  10. Robert says

    17:13 2:20 slower than PR….Diaboli recipiet monte…Latin for "Welcome back Devil's hill"

  11. Rhonda G says

    I don't remember my time because I was so fatigued from running up that hill 5 times I forgot to even do the last set of OHS!! So… I think Devil's hill did it's job!!

  12. Rhonda G says

    Lou says:

    Where are my ladies? You missed me do my maximus in my minimus!!

  13. MP Jimmy says

    15:20 Rx

    Nice run! I missed the hill!!!

  14. 21:33 RX. 2:18 slower than PR set in Nov.

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