Wednesday, 16 March 2011

For Time

400m Run
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

…and now reverse it…
and reverse again!*

Post time to comments

Compare to 24 SEP 10
(similar, but with a row)
*You will basically be doing 3 rounds. Rd 1 will be normal, Rd 2 will be backwards, and Rd 3 normal. Between Rds 1 & 2, you will in essence do 20 PLU; and then between Rds 2 & 3, you will run an 800m.


  1. Melanie said…


    mod: used big band for strict plu

  2. Wow so that's a flattering picture of me! Haha

  3. lisette says

    15:45 It was nice to get out and run!

  4. 18:37 RX.

  5. 17:52 Rx with ring PU

  6. MP Jimmy says

    Had a great WOD with Erin, Amber, and Stacy. We did 2 groups, judging each other on the week 1 Games Open WOD.

    AMRAP 10 min of:
    30 Dbl Unders
    15 Pwr Snatches (75/55)

    ME: 6 rds, plus 21 DU

    Learned a few lessons. Will re-do this WOD Later this week. Looking for 7+ rds!

  7. Stacy J says

    AMRAP 10 min of:
    30 Dbl Unders
    15 Pwr Snatches…I did 45lbs due to shoulder pain

    ME: 3 rds, plus 5 DU

    tougher than it looked!

  8. MP Jimmy says

    WOW! Lisette posted! I am thoroughly shocked!

  9. 23:00 w/ rowing
    knee PU
    1" PLU (1st WOD in a long time using only a 1" band, moved down from a 1.5")

    Great WOD and fun working out with Lou! Great job on the competition WOD Jimmy, Erin, Amber, and Stacy.

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