Wednesday, 16 February 2011

“Weight Class”

15 Tire Jumps (30/24)
12 Power Cleans*
9 Thrusters*
Run 200m

4 rounds for time

Post time to comments

*Weight Classes and weights to use thoughout WOD:
185 & below – 75
186 & above – 85

140 & below – 45
141 & above – 55


  1. Melanie said…

    19:21/modification: step ups instead of jumps on the tire

    Great job everyone!!!!!

  2. 11:54 Rx

    Thanks for making me work today Jana! That was "tire"ing. 🙂

    Everyone did a fantastic job!

  3. 16:24 RX'd (85 lbs). Almost met Mr. Pukie trying to catch Christine.

  4. 14:02 rx. Must……..faster!

  5. 16:56 RX

    I love the baby tire! It's just our size! Great morning with MP. And a Happy Birthday to Lisette!!

  6. OOPS…Not RX – only a 18" tire for me..the baby tire 🙂

  7. 15:51 rx with the fatty fat girl weight hahahah. Great job boot campers and amazing job to Lesley, Carmen, and Michel.

  8. 13:11 with the rx 45lb
    that was rough!

  9. 21:16 – 14" box & 45#
    I'm not quite ready for the baby tire yet, but I'll get there. Great job, everyone! These past 3 days have definitely warranted a REST DAY, yay!

    I couldn't resist the beautiful weather this afternoon, and I needed something to relieve some of the stress…so, I went for a 3 mile run and it was AWESOME! My legs were toast, but still awesome.

    Happy Birthday, Lisette!

  10. I didn't WOD tonight but I was there for moral support. Awesome job to Amber, Lesley, Carman and Michel!!!! You ladies rock!

  11. Stacy was on fire with the support and it was a huge boon and thank you! Carmen smoked it, Amber was red hot and ready and light on her feet; Lesley muscled her way with rips to glory; and bootcampers showed us how WBS are done. High five all!!

    45 lb
    17 box — and I leapt on the 24" tire and slid right back down it. Most people carry a wallet and cell phone. Me, bandaids. I have matched set of wounds. Got some Cinderella bandaids though. I mean hey…some things never change.

  12. 15:24 Rx

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