Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Choose your medicine:

100 Pull-ups for time


150 Burpees for time

Post choice and time to comments


Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

“Tabata sprints”
20 sec on, 10 sec off


Post total distance covered to comments


  1. Melanie said…

    25:41 Rx – 100 plu for time


  3. Choose my medicine? I choose Advil after yesterday!

    Way to go, Melanie!

  4. Wa-hoo, Melanie! Very impressive!

    Major shout-out to our am Burpee Queens… Rhonda, Lisette, and Vernice kicked those out like it was nuttin'! And Debbie rocked her 100 PLU, too! Great morning at MPCF!

    100 PLUs in 10:59 (w/ only one rip! I forgot how excruciatingly painful Nu-Skin is…OUCH!)

    CFE Row: 777 meters…my legs are still smoked from yesterday's WOD. Can't wait to see what's in store for us tomorrow…more medicine, please!

  5. 150 Burpees – 9:29!

    PR by 2:12, of course it was 06 JAN 09 when I did this last. 🙂 I guess this is not one of my favorites, hummm! 😉

    Angela, medicine is enroute. Will be here soon!

    Congratz to Lisette and Rhonda setting new PR's and new female gym records as well! Strong work ladies! Also, Robert set a new PR as well, great work!

  6. I prescribed 150 burpees: 10:32 Rx 20ish second PR

  7. I still am in awe of Rx PLU Melanie!

  8. 11:36 rx 150 burpees. I did this at home last week and it took me 15 something.

  9. 22:42 150 burpees

    Had a bad weekend and don't feel well so yeah oh well I finished that's all that matters

  10. My time was 14 something. I'll post the real time when I get to the gym tomorrow. Just wanted to shout out to Jamie and Lisette! What a couple of awesome burpee machines!!

  11. 25:51, Rx Pullups
    Fun working out with 1730! Will be back at 0530 soon!

  12. Did 50 PLU/thong then rrriiipppp. Finished WOD with 100 Burpees. First WOD with thong so this is a mini PR and big step forward for me. Awesome work Lesley, Carmen, Brandie, Amber, and Stacy. We rocked tonight ladies! Thanks Jimmy!
    50 PLU 7:20
    100 Burpees RX – 13:07

  13. 14:08 on 150 burpees. Great job going rx on the pull ups Lesley and having the battle wounds to prove it.

  14. 14:36 for 150 Burpees..

  15. 12:08
    150 burpees

  16. 300 SU
    Awesome job to Mel and Lesley on the RX!

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