Wednesday, 02 February 2011

MP CrossFit will be closed Wednesday due to inclement weather.
Classes will resume as normal on Thursday, snow or shine.
Stay at home WOD “2”

100 Push-ups for time*

*After every 20, do 30 seconds of handstand hold**.
You will finish with a handstand hold.

Post time to comments
**Modification for HS hold, put knees/toes on couch, table, or some other object; as high as you can SAFELY get on and off.


  1. I'm shoveling the driveway today. Not for time. Just finish.

    Remember to warm up before shoveling and stretch after shoveling.
    Take those pain relievers as needed. If you do hurt your back, apply ice. Not kidding.

    Stay safe and warm

  2. I did 150 burpees for time instead. Yeah me!! plus I will be shoveling…and shoveling…and shoveling snow in the driveway.
    Time was 15:29 on the burpees.

  3. My WOD is shoveling the driveway. I was on a roll but my hands got so cold I had to come in. I guess my leather dress gloves are not the best for shoveling snow but it's all I've got.

  4. We shoveled our driveway and sidewalk and the neighbors driveway. Only did tire paths on the driveways. There is sooo much snow out there!
    Worked hard for two hours. Then back in for hot chocolate!
    Susan I do think I will take the Advil!

  5. went out to shovel. Can I just say sweating in a stocking cap does not equal a good hair day.

  6. I'll second that bad hair day. I did get the job done so I can go back to being a couch potato.

  7. I did this one that's from the CF travel wod sheet
    7 burpees
    7 sit ups
    7 rds
    : 5:15
    ( after shoveling snow about to go shovel more :-O

  8. I now have a clean driveway but…I got stuck in my neighborhood.

    71st St is fair. The hill on Harvard north of 71st is ok. My neighborhood streets are hazardous. I never made it to the MPCF lot to see if it had been cleared. I'll be staying home again tomorrow.

  9. 9:55 Rx—handstands after push ups really wake up the shoulders.

    Drove by the MPCF and Warren Clinic lots. Still snow but looks at least partially plowed. All main roads are snow packed but fairly passable if in 4WD. The neighborhoods are the killers even with 4WD.

  10. 44 burpees-2:34
    9:35 RX

    Hannah did: 44 burpees-2:34
    9:45 with knee pushups

  11. soooo after two rds of shoveling driveway still only half is cleared bleh! we dont have the big snow shovels only the regular ones :-/ takes
    a bit longer, this was so not the birthday suprise i was hoping for ;-P
    may be taking a hike for time tmrw for groceries 🙂

  12. 16:45…knee PUs

    The handstand holds were tricky at home; my hands slid on the carpet, and I had a very small area to work with…BUT, I managed to eek out the first 3 rounds with handstand holds then modified with knees on the couch.

    Happy shoveling MP family!

  13. christine says

    9:10 Rx
    Christian saving up for shoveling driveway
    7:45 Madalene did su in place of PU (elbow giving her trouble)
    James and John Mark put forth varied degrees of effort with more laughing than grunting. The pu began to look like something I think may need a new name.
    Barry is hopefully making it home from a meeting where it has been 80 & sunny 🙂

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