Wednesday, 19 January 2011

“Filthy Fifty”

50 Box Jumps (20″)
50 Jumping Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell Swings (1 pood)
50 Walking Lunges
50 Knees-to-Elbows
50 Push Press (45/30)
50 Back Extensions
50 Wall-Ball Shots (20/12)
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders

For Time

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Compare to 05 NOV 10


  1. Rhonda G says

    Oh Bother!!

  2. I knew something like this was in store for us soon; I should have kept my first thoughts to myself!

  3. Melanie said…

    25 su/25 pu- 4 rds

    9:26/unanchored sit ups/I did the first 10 push ups Rx on each round. Then did the last 15 pu (knee) on each round.

    Great job everyone!!!!

  4. christine says

    10 knee ups the rest SU
    25 pound KB
    8 Pound wall ball
    single jump ropes
    I had to type this early before the rigor mortis sets in!

  5. 44:16 w/ mods:
    14” Box Jumps
    SU for K2E
    8# WBS
    150 Singles

    Missed my PR (43:33) by only 43 seconds! But last time I did Russian KBS and today I did American; at least I made some improvement!

    Rough morning; great job everyone!!

  6. 39:16 MODs:
    17" Box Jumps
    25 KBS
    145 SU for K2E
    150 Singles

    I LOVE this WOD! Improved from November at 39:40 with 14" Box Jumps and 8 lb WBS. Great job everyone!!

  7. 29:32 Rx. PR by 2:50.

  8. 34:40 (No burpees in the interest of getting to work on time.) Mod: 10 K2E + 80 Situps, Singles

  9. 30:15 rx almost caught Danny and Robert. I did have a 4:18 pr.

  10. Chris Hauger says

    with knees to triceps and a couple shakey back extensions.

  11. MP Jimmy says

    24:37 Rx
    58 sec PR!

    I love this WOD. As many know, this was my first CF WOD, 27 MAR 07. I did not complete (DNC)! Yes, I said it. I quit!! However, since that day, I have never quit a WOD; and I have done this one 12 times since.

    Great job Jaime on the massive PR! Angela, on yours, you improved drastically! By the numbers, you moved the same kettlebell 200-250 extra feet and it only took you 43 sec!

    I will be teaching in am rain, ice, or snow. Each of you need to use your best judgement on whether to travel or not.

    Be safe!!

  12. 27:57 Rx–Great work to all! Impressive PRs!


    "A bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise."

    –Winnie the Pooh

  13. 36:11 MODS:
    one arm jumping pl/u's
    one arm russian KBS (1 pood)
    100 SU for K2E
    one arm WBS (8lbs)
    knee PU'S for burpees

  14. After grabbing the wrong push press weight and my jump rope splitting in half, I finished 34:54. After mini-blackjack from yesterday I could definitely feel this one.

  15. 37:03… almost a 5 minute PR from Nov.
    Whoa hoo!!

    Great job everyone.

  16. Rhonda G says

    Awwww…Robert..Love that. I am really bummed that I missed out. I either have a nasty nasty cold or something ..WORSE!! I did have my flu shot this year for the first time EVER so wouldn't it just be ironic..

  17. 50 Box Jumps 18"
    50 Jumping Pull-ups
    50 Kettlebell Swings (1 pood)
    50 Walking Lunges
    100 SU
    50 Push Press 30#
    50 Back Extensions
    50 Wall-Ball Shots 12->8
    50 Burpees
    150 singles

    34.14 time improved by 1.15ish

    Box jumps increased to 18" this time. tho' WBS decreased to 8#

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