Thursday, 06 January 2011

Rest Day


  1. MP Jimmy says

    Thank God for rest days!

  2. WOD B
    155# DL x5
    Burpees x10
    5 Rounds

    7.14 PR by 1.18

    THank you, Erin! I really didnt think that I could pick up 155 today.

  3. Amen Jimmy! I was at the 0530 class but that's about it. I was still in recovery mode from the 1730 class 12 hours earlier!

    Great job Melanie, Lesley, Michel, Christine and Joe!!!

    Love the pic of Erin!

  4. Great morning and everyone doing their own thing. Divide and conquer.

    10K Row
    About a 4 minute PR.

  5. 5K row
    PR by 6 seconds

  6. Congrats on all of the PR's!

    150 Burpees for time
    19:44, improvement from last week of 1 1/2 mins.
    Burpees are caught up! Only 2 more days!

    I won't have to do burpees until tomorrow morning, so I'm considering my 23 hours off 'rest'! 🙂

  7. christine says

    868 on the CFE rowing on 30 off 30 10 rds
    Thanks Joe & carmen for the cookies and bagels!

  8. Well, I'm fighting the cold and flu today. Hopefully I'll make it tomorrow.

  9. O MY GOD this pic of me looks awful! I look like I'm about to sneeze!!

  10. Worked on kipping. Apparently I'm funny to watch hahaha

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