Monday, 20 December 2010

“Nasty Girls”

50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

3 rounds for time

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  1. Melanie said…

    "Nasty Girls" Modified:
    50 sq
    21 plu
    21 dips
    10 Hang pwr cleans (135/95)

    3 rds

    27:29/skinny band for dips/45 lb hang power cleans

    Great job everyone!!! 🙂

  2. 20:01 1 inch plus thong, box dips, 45 # hang clean

  3. Hmmm. Maybe I'll start back tomorrow, instead.

  4. 11:50 RX

    Definately not a PR. 🙁 Grip still feeling the heavy cleans on Saturday. Plus, it doesn't help that I have not been practicing MU's either!!

    But, I did have a good WOD! I know where I need work! 3-2-1 GO!

  5. 24:41 Mod: 1" Band Dips & 57lb HPC.

    Thanks to everyone for bringing such great food and for making the Christmas party so festive! Extra thanks to Michel, Carmen & Joe for their help co-hosting! 🙂

  6. Stacy says…..
    this is an excellent blog/article about women doing Crossfit….

  7. 23 something banded dips and rx plu. Hard WOD for me mentally. GOTTA GET MUSCLE UPS

  8. 19:26 MOD 1"PLU, 1" banded ring dips 2 rounds, box dips one round, 30 lb HPC. Form on HPC is atrocious – can't seem to get away from SDHP – work to be done. Seeing lots of progress in PLU though.

  9. 16:09, box dips all three rounds, 30 lbs HPC, 2" babd. I watched the video. Great job, Lesley!

  10. Jaime, you were 23:12; and do not forget, RX HPC!

    Thank you Lesley for hosting the party Saturday night!!! It was great! Also, thank you to all those that helped put it together. Job WELL DONE!!

    But most of all, Thanks to all of you for the amazing times at MPCF!! You, make it easy to come to "work". 🙂

  11. 28:17 RX. Thanks Jimmy, Robert, Erin, Lou, Olivia, Peyton, Hannah, Anne, and Andrew for all of the encouragement!

  12. 16:42 Jumping MU. Congrats to Danny on the Rx muscle ups!

  13. Congratz Danny for your first RX "Nasty Girls"! Congratz on the free month as well! Now let's see which female steps up to win a free month. 🙂

  14. Lou says: WELCOME BACK "MS. ANNE I CAN"!!!!!You were missed!!!

  15. 10:54 NG MoD WoD 3 rounds of (10 Sqt, 10 SU, 7 knee PU and 10 HPC) and I am beat! Thanks for the encouragement — Lou, Erin, Jimmy, Robert, Danny, and Andrew! It's fun to be back!

  16. 20:46 75LBS, 1" band on dips
    blah! not my best day :-/
    Danny CONGRATZ!! on first RX muscle up wod! 🙂

    And Danny, AWESOME WORK! Huge accomplishment…Well done!!

  18. 1.5" band with box dips…25:38

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