Wednesday, 03 November 2010

For Time

Run 200m
9 Overhead Squats (115/75)
9 Pull-ups

5 rounds
Post time to comments


  1. Melanie said…

    17:50/22 lb ohs

  2. 17:32 with 45# OHS and 1.5" pullup band

  3. 14:08
    40 lb OHS
    1" Band

  4. News from the Lido Deck…

    El Guapo Tabata
    6:00 PM Friday
    El Guapo Cantina

    Viva! See you on the Rooftop 6 ish and bring yourself and assorted others to welcome back, welcome to MPCF and ring in the weekend in RX form in a group WOD. 100 burbpees penalty for any failure to appear not covered by travel, ICU, and other inconveniences.

    Stay tuned…

  5. 13:35 rx managed OHS unbroken.

  6. MP Jimmy says

    11:51 RX+
    OHS @ 125

    Like Jaime, I was able to do OHS unbroken!

    Everyone did great today, especially the boot campers!

  7. 18:39
    45lb OHS

  8. 15.02 I think

    55#x2rds; 45#x3rds OHS. Thanks, Jimmy, for changing my weight plates. I think my OHS were unbroken.

    Our social event plan is changing. TBA. El Guapo unavailable this Friday. Check your email.

  9. 21:33 RX'd. Great job everybody!

  10. 15:02 Rx–wow…unbroken OHS…the closest I came was the first round and I dropped the bar and almost got a 5 burpee penalty. Great work to all!

  11. 14:36 42# OHS, 1 1/2" band

    Felt like I was running through mud and squatting a very large man on my shoulders…

  12. 17:40 rx (for rd 1) had to drop down to 65lbs after rd 1 ……. Bummer
    great job today bootcampers you guys have come so far in just 6 weeks!!

  13. 16:41
    32# OHS
    1" PLU

  14. Great !! but i like to share my exercise plan, which i do daily.

    5 kilometer Running
    1500 – 2000 skipping
    10 Pull ups


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