Saturday, 02 October 2010

5K Trail Run

For Time

Post time to comments

MP CrossFit will be closed. We will be meeting at my in-laws at 0900:
208 E. New Orleans
Broken Arrow, OK 74012


  1. MP Jimmy says

    After the 5K, I will be going to the Creek Turnpike to run 10K more. If anyone wants to join me, you are welcome.

  2. 31:54 beautiful day for a run. Great job today everyone.

  3. 31:49. That was fun. Just FYI, potatoes originated in the Andes and the Spanish brought them to Europe in about 1536.

  4. 24:13–thank you for the potato fact, Jaime. I did not know that! Crossfit is good for both body and MIND!

  5. Hahaha Jaimie your awesome!! I'm gonna make you my " phone a friend " when I'm on millionaire 😉

  6. O Dear Lord my arms won't move!!!! I have t-Rexitis!!!!! 103 plu caught up with me

  7. 43:23!

    Proud that it was under an hour which was my goal! My first 5k and trail run! Ran with the twin..I beat her. That was also a goal lol!

    Great job everyone!

  8. MP Jimmy says

    Trail run time was 23:11.

    Post 10K with Danny, total time i forgot; but I averaged 8:26/mile pace. Without speeding up the last 2 miles, I would have been at about a 8:35/mile pace, which is closer to my planned race pace.

    Thanks for running Danny!

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