Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Clean & Jerk

Men – 52 reps @ 135 (7000lb+)
Women – 53 reps @ 95 (5000lb+)

For Time

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CFE WOD (3+ hors before or after main WOD):

Choose a sport:
Run, Row, Bike, Swim

Run: 8 x 100m, Rest 2 min
Row: 8 x 125m, Rest 2 min
Bike: 6 x 400m, Rest 2 min
Swim: 8 x 25m/y, Rest 2 min

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  1. 18:59
    97 Reps at 52 LB.
    06:30 chicks rocked. And Vernice and Susan — RIGHTEOUS WORK!!

  2. 7:31 RX

    This was a very interesting WOD. I thought I would do it in sets of 10, did not happen! I did maintain a 85% "Grace" pace. not bad, needs to be faster though.

    Great work all! Everyone did amazing at conquering your "Elephant"!

    Great work Patrice at completing your 228 reps at 22lbs! I do not know if I would have that patience. 🙂

  3. 10:38 75 lb and 67 reps. "shrug muscle" hurting, thought 95 might do some damage. Thanks for the form help, Jimmy. Erin you are a good learning partner.

  4. 15:59 RX

  5. 16:49, 65 lbs and 77 reps.

  6. 12:03 (75 lbs) I am really glad I did not do 95 pounds.

  7. 14:38 115 lbs 61 reps

  8. Stacy says……
    I lifted my elephant today in 77 reps of 65 lbs. Took me 11:16. I woke up today with KILLER back pain so I lightened my elephant. I also did half of CFE with Erin and Danny. They kicked my tail and they even ran a mile before we started!!

  9. Must have been the day for killer back pain…my elephant stayed in the tent…

  10. My elephant was lifted this morning in 100 reps of 50lbs in 11:0?. This was my 1st time to ever lift an elephant. I have had killer muscle pain between my shoulder blade spine. Tried to stretch but it didn't do the trick. Great job to all elephant lifters. You all rock.

  11. 15:59 with 75 lbs Erin no lifty hefalump! And CFE
    : ( after the Scroggins mile fun run)

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