Thursday, 05 August 2010

Rest Day


  1. Rooster 11:33 Rx

  2. Cluck in a Bucket
    RX Burpees

  3. Great job today am's!! Great to see ya! You guys are doing awesome with burpee awarness week: ( are you aware of them yet?;-)

  4. 21:53 w/singles. Almost doubled Robert's time! I think he can do burpees in his sleep. 🙂

    Thanks Erin & Robert for cheering me on.

  5. Crossfit Middle Tennessee Wod

    Push Press (from ground) 95/65
    Ring dips

    Modified ring dips with a band

  6. 22:19 w/ singles

    Can't wait to see what kind of burpee madness we have tomorrow!

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