Thursday, 15 July 2010

The “Pink Ladies”
(Funny thing, this was not planned!)

Rest Day


  1. Vernice says

    Pink is for Power!!!
    Everyone of you are a Power House in my life!

  2. Michel says

    Ah, Sophia! Vixen del crossfit…siete il bello e potente nel colore giallo.

  3. Rhonda G says

    Miss you, Pink Ladies!!

  4. Melanie said…

    24:39/Rowed 5K
    Love the picture of the pink ladies!!!!! 🙂

  5. Did " hotel hundred" More like Bates motel meets camp hell!! 29:55 rx
    o my God!! there are no words to describe this wod only emmotions!! And mine are sad, hurt, angry and exerberant

  6. 23.46 5K row…'nuff said

    Rhonda, hope that Trent is feeling better. come WOD for your mental health.

  7. Michel says

    27:08 Row.
    Rowing is a work in progress skill and I was given very good direction from Susan and Angie! Well done!

    Erin – copy you..Time for room service from The Waldorf Astoria.

  8. Rowing 26:37

    Rhonda, please keep us posted

  9. Angela says

    25:43 5k Row ~ different but I loved it! Great job this morning everyone!!
    I do hope Trent is feeling better and everything is okay. We definitely miss you!

  10. Brandy says

    Did Diane 9:06

    I think I had like 22lbs? Can't remember it was so long ago but at least I'm posting! HAHA

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