Friday, 02 April 2009

21-15-9 rep rounds of:

Overhead Squats (95/65)
Run 400m

For Time

Post time to comments

-Run 400m at end of each round
-No am classes. There will be 4:30 and 5:30 pm classes
HAPPY EASTER!! Good luck finding eggs! 🙂


  1. MP Jimmy says

    I did this WOD today, Thursday.

    11:05 RX

    No ball used, deep OHS's. Steel weights, so no dropping allowed. I miss bumper plates!

    Have fun! =)

  2. Vernice says

    I have really been having a problem w/OHS. I will make that a goal to improve on when you return. I also need to improve on wall balls. Have a Happy Easter

  3. Stacy J says

    Jimmy, I DO NOT like all this running business…..BUT I need to work on it so thank you. That is all

  4. Robert says

    Looks fun may be able to do it this afternoon but this morning:

    Run one mile then:

    2 minutes each of:

    Row (calories)
    30 pound dumbell thrusters
    20 pound ball squat cleans
    Dbl unders


    Thank you Danny for doing this with me this morning!

  5. Will workout at 5:30, and hopefully, bring Jim with me. Worked out with Robert this morning. I did the run, row, db thrusters, and ball cleans. I substitued box jumps for the du's because my rope is inside the crossfit gym. My scores were:


    Looking forward to seeing the 5:30's.

  6. 14:45 rx unbroken OHS!!! I just hi-fived myself! Great job guys fun group this evening! Welcome back Anne!!! You did awesome tonight!!

  7. Robert says

    Great work Erin! Thanks for working out with me. 11:14 Rx–my first 2 a day Crossfit workout.

  8. Stacy J says

    16:00 thong. Awesome job Danny! Great to have you there at 5:30. Happy Easter to all that celebrate!

  9. Thanks for the custom WoD, Erin!! Great to work out again with Jamie, Amber, Erin and Robert. Good to see you Danny and Stacy. Enjoy the spring flowers!

  10. 13:58 RX almost unbroken OHS (made it to 18 on round 1). Great to workout with you Stacy! Thank you Erin and Amber for yelling at me to keep going! Great to see you Anne! Happy Easter!

  11. 21:59 rx

  12. ARGH…I so wanted to be there but work got in the way:( Did home WOD instead.

    Anyone have any idea how much protein you should consume doing crossfit workouts? Any suggestions on protein supplement?

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