Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Run 5K
For Time

Post time to comments

Compare to 20 NOV 09

Meet at the north playground entrance, where the construction is, of LaFortune park at normal class times.


  1. I think I should photoshop a box jump with a mean face and legs behind me thAt is chasing me 🙂

  2. 29ish ( not really sure the garman got sassy or I didn't hit right botton I well) thanks for with me Danny and Robert ( I mean in front of me 🙂 good job guys !

  3. 24:11 Great job Erin and Robert!

  4. 32:51 rx (that means I didn't walk). That's it!! I need to run for warm-up every day.

  5. 22:55 Great job Danny, Erin and Jaime!

  6. Went back for wod 2 swim 500then met up with Nacy Amber Stacy and ANNE!! We had a great walk enjoying the awesome weather so great to see anne!!! Thanks ladies!! 🙂

  7. Rhonda G says

    30:58… And I'm spent!!
    Great job everyone! We did a little slipping and sliding today in the mud. Beautiful day otherwise. See you all tomorrow:-)

  8. Stacy J says

    45 minutes or so. Today Nancy, Amber, Erin and I walked Lafortune with Anne. She looks great and we had a nice brisk walk.

  9. patricelott says

    35 something. It felt good to be back after a week off!

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