Friday, 12 March 2010

“Viking Fran”

21-15-9 rep rounds

Thrusters (95/65)
Row 1000-750-500

For Time

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  1. I can think of another word that ends in ing to describe this workout.
    Plus I look so glamorous in this photo.

  2. Jaime you crack me up. Was this picture from the New Years Wod?

  3. This was the WOD to close the week. Great work everyone and high 5 Susan on RX Thrusters. Righteous!

    50 lb Thrusters – 5 lb PR
    1 1/4" PLU – kip and C formation is better every day.

    Thanks Erin for all you do and the coaching and have an awesome weekend at sectionals. Good luck runners and have a super weekend all. Mel – you inspire! Robert, Danny – I did it! Thank you for pushing!!

  4. 17:06 RX. Oh man. Great job everybody!

  5. yes, Amber, this was from New Year's. Mark told me I am making my "angry gorilla" face! Today's WOD should be called Fran is the Devil.
    21:22 rx

  6. Stacy J says

    Jaime that is an awesome face you're making. It reminds me of the Crossfit t-shirt that says "Row faster, I hear banjos!"

  7. I am whipped. This was a tough week. I am so tired. Is it too early for a nap?

    I can't remember today's time. It was ugly. <30.

    Rx thrusters
    wimpy PLu
    and slow row boat to Sand Springs….

    have a great weekend.

  8. Melanie said…

    21:53/22 lb thrusters

    Great job everyone!!!!!

  9. 25:47
    Good-Night Susan

  10. Stacy, why does the shirt say banjos? Are there rednecks behind you?

  11. 17:11 Rx

  12. 21:08 rx 🙂 great job today guys!! Nice job on rx thrusters Susan !
    Hope you guys can come out this weekend and watch the sectionals! See some impressive athletes ( and judges 🙂 first heat is at 8 am tmrw!!

  13. ps Jaime you are a silly bananna I love it! The banjos are a refrence to the movie Deliverance ( don't see it!!!!!!) and yes there where imbread rednecks behind them and it was bad!

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