Friday, 05 March 2010

As seen through a night vision device, the village of Kadanak, Afghanistan, celebrates the completion of an electrification project to wire the city by turning the lights on, Jan. 13, 2010. U.S. Army photo by Master Sgt. Tracy DeMarco (Photo by U.S. Army)
I, Jimmy, think a lot of Afghan citizens would disagree with some of our media when they say that we, the military, are not accomplishing anything. The majority of this city had never experienced electricity. Go Army!


Run 800m
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

3 rounds for time

Post time to comments

Compare to 22 DEC 09


  1. 24:15 – Rx – Abmat butterfly situps – Great job everyone!

  2. Michel says

    29:32 RX – Dec 22 was 31:12 !
    AB mat SU
    Thank you everyone for the kudos, support and kip coaching I so much appreciate all of it and how AWESOME our group is at MPCF. Erin – I thank you!!!

    Have a great weekend all – Erin and Amber – good luck tomorrow! You will bring the house down!!!

  3. Melanie said…

    27:45 Rx- abmat unanchored situps
    Good job everyone!!!

  4. 18:54 RX with Abmat, butterfly SU's. PR by 90 seconds. Great job everybody!

  5. Rhonda G says

    25:09 RX

    What a week! Im ready and thankful for a couple of rest days to heal the aching body!

  6. I made up yesterday's workout today. used a yoga block on the tall side, but touched it every time with my head. rx plu.
    Will run 5 k tomorrow, since I didn't get to do the awesome workout on Wed.

  7. Robert says

    18:46 RX PR by over a minute and a half–abmat BF

  8. 25:15 abmat
    my legs felt like dragging cinder blocks!!!
    I wonder why?? Oh that crazy wed. Wod!!! :-p
    great job guys! Michele you are doing awesome on pl/u ! Helen of Kip!
    Have a great weekend everyone! Ps no Saturdays for tmrw and next sat due to my sectional volunteering!

  9. 28:33 rx, bad back cramps on round 2 and 3. I didn't stretch enough.

  10. Vernice says

    34: something. I ran on round 1 & 3 OMG… my back & hip muscles were so tight I had to stop running the last round of the 3rd run.. this has never happened. I really think it was too close to the Wed Lumberjack…

    Thanks for your coaching this week Erin.
    Enjoy the sunshine everyone.

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